The Seaside School was established in October 1998, motivated by the desire to provide a credible choice to parents who yearn for truly qualitative education for their children.

Understandably, every couple knows that a key indicator of a good, healthy and functional family is the overall wellbeing of the children. So important is the education of the children that it is considered as one of the most crucial reasons why parents work and labour all year-round to make money and take responsibility for their individual roles in the home. It follows therefore that the school where the children are enrolled makes a lot of difference in the extent to which the parents’ desire is achieved.

The Seaside School is ever so conscious of this legitimate desire and tries to provide a total, inclusive educational package that focuses on academic, physical, moral and spiritual development.

Our motto: In Partnership With Christ, underscores the school’s religious orientation. This is a Christian school where children are brought up to appreciate the essence of Christian doctrines of love, tolerance, truthfulness, fear of God and other virtues. We inculcate these without being overbearing. It is not surprising therefore that The Seaside Schools have many children from Muslim families and those of other faiths who are being positively transformed to the joy of their parents.

The Seaside Schools are presently located within the serene OPIC ESTATE, AGBARA, OGUN STATE NIGERIA The quiet neighbourhood affords pupils the much required conducive atmosphere for learning devoid of distractions.

We have modern and well equipped science laboratories which are upgraded regularly. The science teachers employed are those who are vastly experienced in the teaching of science at the various levels alloted to them.

Facilities in the school also include computer laboratory, Home Economics, Laboratory, Music class and Intro-tech workshop.


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Diya Gate, Opic Estate Agbara, Ogun State.

  • Hot line: +2348035763737

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