Boarding House Rules

Boarders are expected to conform with the following:-

Must not leave the hostel expect where an ‘EXIT’ has been issued by Administrator or Principal or any of the Vice Principals.
Must carry out all assignments and home works.
Must keep beds well-made before going to school on week days and before breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays and keep dormitories & locker tidy always.
Must use trash baskets or bins always and not litter the premises with trash.
Must observe siesta time and must talk after lights have been put off at bedtime.
Must keep all pocket money promptly with the Housemother for safe-keeping.
Must not borrow money or items of clothing nor run credits with the “Tuck Shop”
Must not steal.
Must not tell or carry tales and must not send panic messages home.
Must keep his/her person clean and neat, wash uniforms and personal clothes regularly and at approved times.
Must not destroy or vandalize any school property.
Must eat all food served at meal times and be grateful to God and to their Parents.
Must not receive visitor except on visiting days
Must not be involved in any BRAWL. Penalty for this is instant dismissal.
Must not engage in buying and selling.
Must leave all medicaments in the care of the Matron or the School Nurse.
Must not display stickers, indecent pictures and graffiti on walls. Only approved bills should be displayed on the notice boards.
Senior boarders must not bully the junior ones and junior boarders must equally show respect and accord courtesy to their seniors.

Parent/Guardians are only allowed to visit children/wards on the designated visiting days which can be seen on the school calendar.


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